Brad Dalgarno

Vancouver BC's Brad Dalgarno was on the wrong end of one of the most lopsided fights in NHL history.

On February 21, 1989 Dalgarno got into a disagreement with notorious brawler Joey Kocur as the New York Islanders faced the Detroit Red Wings. Kocur instigated the fight in retaliation as earlier Dalgarno fought and easily beat up Red Wing Shawn Burr. However Dalgarno was badly overmatched against Kocur, a true NHL heavyweight. With one rock-hard punch, Kocur crushed the bone around Dalgarno's left eye. Dalgarno was sent to hospital and missed the rest of the season and the entire 1989-90 season due to the injury.

Dalgarno was a big boy at 6'3" 210lbs, but he was never an overly physical player. Although he wasn't an exceptional skater, the Islanders really believed he could become something special if he was more physical. The Isles believed that so much they drafted Dalgarno with the 6th overall pick in the 1985 Entry Draft. Dalgarno was very inconsistent in his willingness to apply his physical gifts. But in order to succeed at the NHL level he needed to be the grinding winger the Islanders desperately wanted him to be.

A good puckhandler, Dalgarno played 321 NHL games all with the Islanders. He battled through many injuries in his career, limiting his effectiveness. Dalgarno's career numbers include 49 goals, 71 assists and 120 points. He added 6 more points in 27 playoff games.

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